PFI EndSeals are premium water-base coatings for the ends of dimensional lumber.  Formulated to provide a protective barrier resistant to the damaging effects of water and water vapor.  PFI EndSeals are available in a variety of colors and contain a proprietary blend of polymers and waxes to deposit a coating with the toughness and elastometric qualities of acrylic latex and the water shedding ability of wax.  

Wood Stains

We offer dye and pigmented stains for both interior and exterior use with an endless array of deep penetrating, rich color possibilities.  

Our Products

Solar Shield

Solar Shield is our custom engineered preferred line of wood coatings. The perfect replacement for solvent alternatives.  Solar Shield has a very sustainable platform: zero VOC capable, APEO free, does not require heavy metals to achieve performance.  Adhesion to metalized and exotic woods is outstanding.  Solar Shield provides excellent exterior durability and water beading while also displaying exemplary appearance properties such as film longevity, superior color retention, quality early hardness development, wood warmth, and crisp colors. Available in a full scale of colors.

Metal Coatings

We formulate primers and topcoats for OEM, industrial maintenance, and general industrial applications.  Custom colors are available upon request.


Save money by reviving old mulch with natural mulch color concentrates. Easy to apply, durable, low cost, and safe. Rebark Natural Mulch Color Concentrates are available in five colors; Hemlock Red, Hemlock Brown, Jet Black, Harvest Gold, Brick Red. Container sizes include quarts, gallons and fives gallon containers. Also available in wholesale quantities.

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Latex Enamels

Our water-based latex enamles -alkyd or acrylic- are available in a full range of gloss and colors.  Easy to apply and fast drying as well as being low VOC and HAPS.  

Inks & Dyes

Our marking inks are both oil and water base solutions formulated to put company logos and/or other marks on wood and wood-related substrates- even over other coatings like primers or topcoats! We offer custom colors in both ready-to-use and concentrated forms.

Architectural Coatings

We offer a variety of top quality latex based paints, coatings, primers, stains, and sealers designed for both interior and exterior projects - commercial or residential.  All our architectural coatings are environmentally friendly, high hide, and low VOC.  Custom color matches are available.


Our custom engineered water born and oil based primers are easy to apply and fast drying! For use on wood, metal and engineered wood. They're perfect for industrial applications. 


Envirolac is our line of high quality water-borne acrylic latex lacquers.  Envirolac is offered in a full range of gloss, clear, and pigmented depending on your needs.  Use Envirolac for finishing furniture, cabinets, and a variety of wood, engineered wood, and novelty items without the hazards associated with nitrocellulose lacquers and flammable solvents.

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PFI EdgeSeals are water-base coatings which consist of dispersions of acrylic latex, pigment and a proprietary blend of waxes.  Available in a variety of standard colors and can also be customized to meet your individual requirements.

Restoration Primers

Super Seal is our custom formulated high-performance restoration primer with mold block.  Super Seal is 100% acrylic interior and exterior stain block primer.